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Friday, January 7, 2011

Effective Training Delivery and Learning Execution

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It goes without saying that trainers, facilitators, and presenters have a very important influence on their audience. Communication and delivery are two of the most important skills that any presenter can possess. Presenters have a responsibility to ensure that the retention, engagement, and learning process is qualitative. If you can’t execute the learning plan effectively to your audience, then you won’t be able to help them achieve the best results.

Good delivery skills are essential when training, facilitating, or meeting adults. This training will provide helpful information on how to communicate most effectively with participants, helping presenters with developing public speaking messages, providing facilitation tips, and offering ways to improve presentation skills for the best outcome possible.

Facilitation is a very influential way of encouraging participants to learn, change behavior, take action or become promoters of one’s organization. It can persuade or dissuade the audience. In this one-day learning session, you will learn how to communicate effectively with participants by facilitating and eliciting responses without monopolizing the flow of information, and presenting topics in the most engaging way possible.

For those wishing to learn or improve their presentation skills, this is the program for you. If you are a trainer, public speaker, presenter, or a teacher looking to communicate effectively with your audience, this session is for you.

  • Support participants by building an atmosphere of trust and modeling a positive attitude;

  • Use “presentation appetizers” to entice students to learn and condition their minds in a way making it ready to accept and digest information;

  • Ask effective questions that elicit learner responses to make the session more interactive;

  • Manage the use of learning aids to support the learning and communication process in class;

  • Personalize and pace the learning process;

  • Motivate learners through the use of sincere praise: the ping pong rule, harnessing student image, and use of effective phrases;

  • Use the G-I-V-E method for maximum learning and retention.

  • Training vs. Teaching vs. Presenting vs. Facilitating

  • Introduction to Effective Facilitation

  • Becoming an Effective Communicator

  • Characteristics of an Effective Presenter

  • How to Facilitate Effectively

  • Improving Lectures

  • The G.I.V.E. Technique

  • Presentation Techniques

  • Workshop
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