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Saturday, January 8, 2011

People Development: Coaching and Feedback for Optimum Performance

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The performance of any company is highly dependent on the people that run it. There is a marked difference between a transactional manager and a transformational leader. As a transformational leader, the goal is to drive your people to achieve maximum performance. How? There must be a defined and consistent system on giving feedback, coaching, and mentoring others to develop, motivate, and engage everyone in the organization. Sad to say, only a small number of managers actually know how to deliver an effective feedback session or coaching event. This training will open your eyes to the science of performance interventions: coaching and feedback for optimum performance.

The aim of this learning program is to establish the foundation of an effective coaching and feedback culture in the attendee’s organization. You will learn the essential knowledge, skills, behaviors and toolkits to enable you to facilitate results-driven coaching and feedback sessions.

For those wishing to be a transformational leader, this is the program for you. If you are a team leader, supervisor, manager, senior manager, or director from any department that has a team to manage, this is the one coaching and feedback training that you need to attend.
  • Relate your critical role as a supervisor or manager to the success of a coaching session and how it impacts front liner performance;

  • Differentiate coaching and feedback from training, mentoring, and counseling;

  • Identify different goals of coaching, features of a coaching relationship, and characteristics of a good coach;

  • Explain the Coaching Diagnostic Tool, Skills Development Model, Behavioral Interventions, and Personality or Behavior Types;

  • Use the C.O.A.C.H. – GROW model in coaching exercises;

  • Use the S-B-I model in feedback exercises.

  • Role Definition: Transactional vs. Transformational

  • Coaching and Feedback vs. Other Types of Performance Interventions

  • Feedback: SBI Model

  • Coaching Goals, Coaching Relationship, Characteristics of a Good Coach

  • Coaching Diagnostic Tool

  • Performance Indicators

  • Skills Development Model

  • COACH-GROW Model

  • The 7 Behavioral Interventions

  • Ask vs. Tell

  • Understanding Personality Types and Behaviors

  • Application

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