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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Growing Roots and Harvesting the Best Produce with Bay Hewitt

Companies invest both time and money in recruiting, training, skills optimization, and retention of individuals to take on a specific role within the organization. These individuals are envisioned to grow with the company and share  the competencies and expertise gained during their tenure.

In the process of grooming these individuals, which include delegation of special projects and tasks and shadowing mentors, a critical component which plays a huge part in the success of these future leaders are commonly not factored in due to some limitations.

Leadership Skills training is a key factor in ensuring that these aspiring leaders are honed to their full potential and are ready to take on the job. While a number of people are born leaders, some individuals need help in tapping the inner leader within them.

Readiness and willingness both play a crucial role in sending these future leaders to their target destination. While the mentors influence the type of management which their mentees are highly likely to adapt, leadership styles still vary and complement different personalities. Understanding the team’s motivation and driving each member to achieve excellence should also be included in each leader’s kit.

Relevant trainings focusing on leadership skills, or commonly known as management courses are offered to both incumbents and high potential employees. Many of these are offered in sessions designed to provide a step by step process in executing the skills while immersing in each division of the course.

Some of the trainings offered by Bay Hewitt include programs on Performance Improvement Excellence, Delivering Feedback, Goals Setting, Effective Communication, People Development, Strategic Thinking, and other custom trainings that are specially designed to fit each industry.

Bay Hewitt provides a channel to help achieve this vision through the number of programs available for your industry's key players and aspiring leaders. Contact us today for the list of programs we have that suits your growing organization’s needs. You may call us at (02) 925-1229 or email us at