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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Dealing with Leading: Being New on the Supervisor Role

So you've just been promoted, congratulations!

But does it stop there? What you have just gained is a new role and title. Living up to the expectations of that new job entails understanding the tasks and activities required to successfully become a supervisor. Responding to the challenges of a new supervisory role demands that you develop certain knowledge, skills, and behaviors to manage people. You will start planning, leading, organizing, controlling, and staffing.

If these things are new to you, Bay Hewitt can help you.

Bay Hewitt’s course “Dealing with Leading” combines the tactics needed to succeed day in and out of the job and the strategy to gain long-term wins. The program transforms you into an inspiring supervisor and business leader. Discover new ways to overcome your business and management issues, seize challenges and take your organization and people in new directions. This program prepares today's supervisors to become tomorrow's leaders by supporting you through the transition into general management. You develop a general management perspective, widening your business knowledge and deepening your competence in the core functional disciplines needed to accelerate your career to the next level.

These are some of the things that you will learn:
  • Develop a management mindset by strengthening one’s leadership potential and handling their subordinates and co-employees effectively to achieve desired results;
  • Relate your critical role as a supervisor or manager to the success of a coaching session and how it impacts front liner performance;
  • Build trusting relationships, develop broader networks and influence throughout your organization through a wider, more integrated knowledge and skill set;
  • Deliver growth by evaluating and more effectively managing your business performance value drivers;
  • Use the C.O.A.C.H. – GROW model in coaching exercises and the S-B-I model in feedback exercises;
  • Improve the way you deal with challenges across different organizational functions;
  • Gain fresh insights and perspectives on similar challenges faced by other program participants;
  • Develop leadership and strategic-thinking skills in oneself and others through case studies.

Are you ready to learn all these? Then come and join our training program, available as a public seminar or an in-house custom program for your company.

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