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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Performance Needs Assessment and Analysis

“The danger in leaping from apparent problem to apparent solution is that large amounts of time and money can be spent in throwing training at a problem that training cannot solve. You need to dig a little deeper. This is why a procedure like performance analysis is important to those who actually want to solve problems – rather than just talk about them.” Mager
Bay Hewitt's Performance improvement process is a systematic approach to determining what people need to do to contribute to the success of their organization. This information can be used to develop training programs and interventions that encourage workers to learn new skills and behaviors that help employers achieve their full potential. 

Whether you call it Training Needs Assessment, Learning Needs Analysis, or Performance Gaps Analysis, performance improvement training must be linked with the organizational and human performance needs of the organization. It provides skill training that supports the organization’s performance improvement goals, such as reducing costs, improving quality, increasing output, and meeting deadlines. The content of the training focuses on the skills, abilities, and on-the-job behaviors of incumbent workers that contribute to ideal performance as defined by the employer.

A Performance Needs Assessment identifies what is preventing optimum performance, e.g. people factors (attitudes, skills); environmental factors (processes, job design); lack of knowledge, skills and ability; and offers solutions to achieve the employer’s goals.

The whole ideal behind this concept is to look at the system, identify a need, build an evaluation (measurement instrument) that identifies the objective that is required, identify the "why", select the intervention, and then build content and context that will bridge the gap between the need and the objective. Once you have a program in place, performing an evaluation should be a snap because you already have the measurement tools in place.

A Performance Needs Assessment and Analysis is a process that Bay Hewitt can help your organization with so you do not spend time, effort, and resources into conducting learning activities or organizational changes that are not truly rooted in scientific evidence. This, in turn, will save your company time and money.

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