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Friday, May 31, 2013

Performance Management System Design

When designing a Performance Management process and system Bay Hewitt tells clients that it is not the form or the software for delivering the system that they have to worry about. Performance Management is all about creating a shared understanding about what is to be achieved as well as how it is to be achieved. It is an approach to managing people that increases the probability of achieving success. The form or software delivery tool simply enables and guides participants in the process. In this respect then, system design becomes very important. Taking a system “off the shelf” or borrowing one that worked for another organization will in all likelihood not meet your needs.
There are a variety of reasons why organizations want to have solid performance management systems in place. You should clearly articulate what you want to accomplish through your system. For example, if the results of the process are used to drive key and important employee decisions like pay increases, bonus or reward programs, succession planning or promotional decisions, disciplinary action for poor performance, etc., then the process should be as objective and as well-documented as possible.

In designing a Performance Management system you need to clearly define the goals of your system. In doing so, you should engage as many different stakeholder perspectives as possible. One method Bay Hewitt often uses is to engage a Design Committee to represent the interests and perspectives of senior management, middle management, employees, unions (if applicable) and clients/customers, as necessary. Leading them through a structured process, we help them in defining the perspectives and interests and reaching a consensus on systems goals, principles and parameters that will meet most of all stakeholder needs.

We develop Performance Management solutions that managers actually want to use. Key to this is getting their participation and support early in the design process. We have developed specific design processes for each of the four major types of Performance Management system. We blend these methods to create a design process that suits your particular requirements cost effectively.

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