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Monday, June 3, 2013

Why Bay Hewitt?

At Bay Hewitt, we live and breathe learning. For years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping clients answer one question: How can learning help me boost productivity and drive revenue growth?

You have options when it comes to choosing a learning services and technology partner. Why choose us?

Learning is our expertise.

We know how adults learn and integrate new knowledge. Our real-world practitioner experience can help you apply instructional design best practices in your business. By staying ahead of informal and social learning trends, we’ve established ourselves as thought leaders and regularly contribute our insights to top industry boards, publications and events.

Top reasons customers choose Bay Hewitt:

  • We are skilled learning architects and change managers.
  • We focus on our clien't end goals and business objectives; we are not a train-and-run company.
  • We can help you align the main customer-focused parts of your organization to create genuine and sustainable competitive advantage.
  • We have the widest network in the Philippines and the capability to deliver large-scale, global or national roll-outs that are consistent yet sensitive to local issues. 
  • Our methodologies are research-based, and we have incredibly high standards around how practical they are in the real world. We also continuously improve them based on our experience in the field.
  • We have a full complement of learning designers and subject matter experts. We customize or create programs that are exactly what our clients need, with a minimum cost.
  • We have a range of many technology-enabled vehicles for practice and application. We help people learn by doing and keep the learning going back in the real world.
  • We understand the barriers to adopting new skills and behaviors, and we have spent much time developing our Partnership System – a comprehensive, modular toolkit that transforms training into a program for lasting performance improvement.
  • Training without measurement is a like flying a plane with your eyes closed – you have no way to track your progress along a given course, or to correct any course deviations. We have a dedicated ‘Client Impact’ team who track, analyze and report the impact of our training activities at multiple levels, based on the Kirkpatrick model.
  • Bay Hewitt's people are practitioners and business people first, rather than just trainers. Going the extra mile is part of our DNA, and we are completely committed to meeting your business objectives – in a way that is sophisticated yet not a drain on your resources. 
If you would like to learn more about how we can help you, please email us at info@bayhewitt.com or contact us via our form HERE. You may also request for a proposal now based on your needs by clicking HERE.