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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Train-the-trainers Training Track

Training the trainers should not only be about Training Delivery and Implementing Training Designs. More than just the trainer's showtime in delivering a training session, there are other skills that a globally competitive trainer should learn. More often than not, trainers centralize their knowledge and skills on training delivery but learning needs assessment and analysis, design and development, and learning effectiveness evaluation are left out. These skills should also be learned.

If a trainer has these additional proficiencies, your training department will not just be a delivery department but also a proactive performance consulting team that completes the definition of the Learning Function today.

Trainers should take the time to understand the real learning and training needs of the people they train otherwise, all training efforts and resources will be wasted if a learning intervention does not really target the need.

On the other hand, designing a training session is not only about an aimless exercise of creating PowerPoint presentations. Learning objectives, methodology, logistics, and materials should be structured in a plan so training becomes measurable, specific, and replicable. This is the process of Design and Development.

Speaking of measurable, the end goal of course is to evaluate the effectiveness of your training programs. Did the PHP 40,000 training session you delivered last month pay off in terms of business impact? Did the manager of the participants notice a behavioral change in the employees they sent to your training? These questions, in a results-driven corporate environment, are very important.

Bay Hewitt has a complete suite of train-the-trainer courses that can help you and your company maximize the potential of your trainers. We will not only train and certify them on delivery, we will help build their skills and knowledge on training needs analysis, curriculum design and development, and training effectiveness evaluation.

If you would like to have a solid training team that can truly contribute to your business and become enablers of organizational development and success, contact Bay Hewitt today at (02) 925-1229 or email us at We are always glad to help you!