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Friday, January 15, 2016

Training and Learning Program: Train-the-trainer: Learning Needs Assessment and Analysis

If you want the best results in a training program and promote maximum learning effectiveness, you have to start with first fundamental step in instructionald design and training: Needs Assessment and Analysis.


Many learning programs today start with a PowerPoint design even without taking a closer look at the actual needs of the target learners. This is a costly mistake to the learning department and the organization, because without assessing the needs and analyzing the root cause of performance gaps, your program may not be very effective or worst, meaningless and irrelevant at all to the target audience. In this session, learn how to systematize the root cause analysis process that leads to an effective and efficient training needs analysis system. You will learn how to use different tools that will make your analyst role easier.


As a training professional, when was the last time you actually used hard data, observations, and interview insights to build a robust training program? Have you ever heard of a Results Map, The Mager and Pipe Performance Analysis Model, or the 3Ds of Assessment and Analysis? If you’re not familiar with any of these, then you know the right answer: this program is for you. 
For those wishing to learn or improve their learning and performance needs assessment and analysis, this is the program for you. If you are a trainer, training supervisor, training manager, senior manager or teacher looking to solve the performance gaps in your organization, this is the ultimate right learning session to attend.


  • Identify and differentiate needs using performance analysis and organizational analysis models;
  • Utilize the 3Ds of Assessment and Analysis in the context of your own role and organization;
  • Enrich your TNA practice with thoughts, techniques, and tools derived from industry best practices and trends

  • Introduction to TNA/LNA
  • Assessment vs. Analysis
  • The Four Kinds of Needs
  • Using a Results Map
  • The Mager and Pipe Performance Analysis Model
  • 3 Approaches to Conducting TNA
  • Competency Modeling
  • Live TNA Case
  • Strategic TNA Framework

  • Meals Galore: AM and PM Snacks, Lunch (only for public seminars)
  • Special Bay Hewitt Learning Kit
  • Certificate of Completion in a Hard-bound Holder - You'll never get this elsewhere! Keep your certificate forever in a premium material. See sample certificate HERE.
  • Unlimited LEARNING from our expert speaker/s
  • Unlimited consulting by email and helpdesk channels
  • Lively, dynamic, and professional expert facilitators, NOT boring and lifeless content speakers
  • If available for this program, access to complimentary eLearning modules via our eLearning site at
  • 30-60-90 days learning effectiveness tracking, monitoring, and support

  • Bay Hewitt reserves the right to cancel learning programs, workshops, seminars or conferences due to force majeure or Acts of God (i.e. severe weather conditions). In cases like this, the program will be re-scheduled to another date and time. We will make every effort to notify all registrants.
  • Bay Hewitt reserves the right to cancel learning programs, workshops, seminars or conferences due to unforeseen circumstances or for lack of participation or required headcount. We will make every effort to notify all registrants. We require at least ten (10) participants to run each workshop; we encourage you to invite your colleagues at work, friends, and/or family members to meet this requirement.
  • For our full Bay Hewitt policy on public learning events, please visit:
The above-described training program is available both as a custom in-house learning program and a publicly accessible seminar. To contact us how to exclusively run this program for you and your company or group and further customize the same to your organization's learning needs and requirements, please email us today at or call us at (02) 925-1229 in Manila or (032) 513-0988 in Cebu. Beyond Manila and Cebu City, we cover all other areas in the Philippines, including but not limited to Tagbilaran City in Bohol, other parts of Visayas like Iloilo, Bacolod, Dumaguete, Tacloban, Ormoc, or Samar. Covering Mindanao, we serve Cagayan de Oro and Davao, among other cities in the southern region. We travel a lot around the country and all over Asia Pacific to conduct our highly sought training offerings.

If you are interested to attend the same as a public seminar only, please see available public training schedules for Manila and Cebu below or visit and/or




  1. I am really excited to attend this here in Cebu!

    1. Hi Judylou, we're very happy to hear about your excitement and enthusiasm. See you on 19th March!